About Overberg Online


Overberg Online is an initiative of RC Project Services towards achieving some of the company’s strategic objectives for projects in the Overberg.

The critical question we as the incumbent custodians of the Overberg are confronted with is: What is our response to the socio-economic challenges large parts of our communities brave daily? Are we standing in ignorance or are we taking definitive action towards addressing socio-economic upliftment in the Overberg.

We introduce Overberg Online as a common platform for the promotion of social and economic offerings and opportunities from across the Overberg.  Part of proceeds generated through the platform will be committed towards education management activities directly benefiting students from the Overberg who are registered at or are intending to enroll at a South African university or university of technology.

We invite industries across the socio-economic spectrum to embark on a journey with us towards addressing especially the educational needs of our young people that they in turn my be the agents of change for their respective communities and the Overberg community at large. Through collaboration we can achieve more for all of Overberg.