What is Your Business Story

Getting into business is probably one of the craziest things to do. It is a commitment to uncertainty, because if it was a sure thing everyone would be doing it! Let’s put it this way: if it was such a sure thing funding would be more accessible with much less red tape because it is a SURE THING!!! Sadly this is not the reality. What may appear as viable and lucrative has risk and stress we could certainly do without.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought billion dollar industries to its knees and forced countless  SME’s out of business. Countries across the world have recorded millions in job losses as livelihoods are left in dust. Well, we can attribute much towards poor governance and nonsensical regulations such as the alcohol and tobacco bans here in South Africa. But let’s not forget the billions looted in State Capture which to be honest has seen little turnaround as the political connected continue to feast while the poor suffer on promises of relief that is just not forthcoming even months after negotiating intricate applications. The legit, poor and marginalized has to look on in anguish and dismay at brazen theft while they are expected to appreciate a new dawn.

Tough hey! But we do what we do firstly to make ends meet, because if your ends are not met, it pretty much is the end. Free has no return value and is counterproductive to purpose. Although we all like things to be done or given for free, there is little to no benefit to those we expect freebees from. Resources spent must be replenished in order to remain viable and it is quite disingenuous to enjoy the investment of others without due consideration of their purpose. If it makes us feel good to have a boast about a bargain, could we have a go at boasting about paying someone their worth? If boasting of that sort is not commendable, I will eat my mask!

While many may feel that the story of their business is the story of their lives, and many have made their life’s story their business, it is probable healthier to have separate books as failure or success in business does not qualify life status. As humans we are prone to failure but this does not mean that when we have failed at a task we have failed at life, regardless of achievement. Find value in value. So you are a crazy person, but your value contribution fills voids, employs, educates, inspires and completes the crazy network of associates which is our OVERBERG COMMUNITY.

Share your stories, insights and thoughts with us and we will share it with us on our blog … email … by the way, stories MAKE awesome PROMOTIONAL CONTENT

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The Uprising Within

Another June 16 and commemoration of an event that saw brave young people defy their oppressor in pursuit of human rights, education, equality, to self-determine. This post will deviate from the norm and test our appetite for what matters.

We know young Black lives did not matter in Soweto on June 16, 1976. We know Black lives do not matter in 2020 as Black men in America are killed over what hardly can be described as a misdemeanor. We know Black lives don’t matter when your own country’s Defense Force takes up arms against you … at home!  We know Black lives don’t matter as young Black mothers and their daughters are murdered by their partners, not in some far of free world, but right here within our South African communities. We know Black lives don’t matter when young pregnant woman are murdered and hung from trees. We know Black lives don’t matter when young Black woman are raped, killed and their bodies mutilated by the very men whom we dop with, smoke with, do business with, live with. We know that Black lives don’t matter when incompetence and thuggery are allowed to reign untested throughout the structures put in place to govern the very lives that should be prioritized. We know that lives of woman, young or old, family, friend, colleague and stranger does not matter as gender based violence surge. We know that the life of another does not matter whether Black, Coloured, Indian or White, as all that is important is gain; a cell phone, cash even political positioning. So then what matters? If perpetual rhetoric and reflection on horrors and injustices past and present fail to bring about fundamental change in masculinity, then what will? At which point do I realize that I am causing harm to another human being? Perhaps this is the wrong question because causing harm, inflicting pain and suffering is the intention. I am not worth my place in society if I cannot respect others’ right to occupy their space safely. No amount or scale of protest will make Black lives matter and neither will protests bring an end to GBV or killing for gain. An inner uprising has to take effect that will alter our (every man individually) behavior towards probity.   An inner uprising has to occur towards understanding our purpose. An inner uprising has to occur towards our custodianship of peace and opportunity. Self-realization is key towards self-determination.

I will matter when I place the matter of others above my own.

Our message to our young people in the #Overberg and across #Mzansi this #YouthDay: You matter!

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Should They Stay or Should They Go ..

Thoughts on #school #reopening under COVID-19 #pandemic

If they go … There is every chance of them contracting and spreading the #COVID-19 … just as there is every chance of them being okay even having contracted the #virus because honestly, with about 99% recovery rate, mostly mild symptoms and younger people doing much better than older with morbidity, the odds really are in the kids’ favour. Consider that this virus will be with us for the best part of 2 further years with possible 2nd to 3rd surges and no guarantee of a #vaccine (an affordable vaccine) it is most likely that we all at some stage will be exposed and contract this novel #corona virus as we all do with milder flu annually.
If they stay … There is every chance that they will contract the virus while they engage in family or social activities. As #lockdown #restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to become economically active once more we as parents or care givers will become more exposed as will our kids become exposed therefore the risk factors remain.

If they go … Getting on with learning is as essential as good health practices. Having access to the resources provisioned to facilitate teaching and learning will revive a learning culture that may have gone cold with learning at home. It is as much a challenge for kids to have adapted to l.a.h as it is for parents and care givers to have been promoted to home school teachers, or home school educators if you like. Does it come with the parental package? Yes. Expected? No.
If they stay … Learning at home will only get tougher and could course strain for the home environment as kids’ and parents’ patience may run thin with each other or with the conditions and roles they have been subjected to. Delay in returning to school will mean lives delayed. How much delay are we comfortable with? 1 year or 2? If we take the decision to delay now, will they in future look back in appreciation or in resentment.

We need to be smarter in combating this pandemic. We also need to accept these realities we are confronted with, as harsh as it may appear. Let’s take every precaution possible, together towards ensuring a #sanitized and safe environment and #distancing practices for our kids in #schools because … if they go there will be trouble but if they stay it will be double.

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Ah, the what-you-are-about debate! At some stage in our lives we are all confronted a variation of the question of purpose; What is my purpose? ; What is your organization’s purpose? What is the purpose of it all? There is no blanket answer or one size fits all for that matter. For some the answer comes naturally but for most it requires some deep level of introspection and acknowledgement. But the sooner the question is answered the sooner the benefits of knowing could be reaped.

For young people this is especially essential towards choosing a fulfilling career path, one that is in line with what they are most passionate about. Same for businesses starting up, the unknown is transformed into the known because the venture’s purpose is familiar.

It may be easier to join an existing cause than determining your own. We are social beings and congregate where we are most comfortable. There is no need stepping out into the unknown. There is no need to develop a new career path if the incumbent has been tried and tested benefiting countless. There is no need to introduce a new venture if there are already thousands doing the same. Why we do what we do make us unique and define our purpose. Yes, we will find common purpose but our individuality ensures that our purpose remains unique. Businesses may collaborate to achieve a common goal but their vested interest is ensuring favourable outcomes  for their own. Within a study group, each individual student participates to better their own theoretical application. The collaborative effort supports the individual goal.

While we can only control that which is within our means we can take definitive measures towards influencing external entities towards achieving desired outcomes. As an example, we may not be able to give a prospective student from a disadvantaged household a bursary to study at university, but we are able to petition those who have the means to do so. Here we have acknowledged our own limitations but persevered towards finding a solution giving credence to our purpose.

Amidst a pandemic the question becomes relevant: What is the purpose of COVID-19? Our opinion is that it has forced humanity into re-thinking our approach to public health and how our activities and needs impact the environment. Billions are being repurposed to provide resources for health care and health science where prior to COVID-19 a perpetual neglect to do so prevailed. We are reminded of basic health care practices we previously took for granted. The economy globally has suffered and it is not easy identifying a purpose there-for safe to say that it has demonstrated how ill prepared the modern world was to deal with such a crisis. How we emerge from this global turmoil is more important than the when will we emerge.

While the road to self-discovery is a tough trail, it is a road best travelled with purpose. Knowing why makes knowing how so much easier. The purpose of this post is in motivation for our young people in particular to find purpose in all that you do, find it early to maximize the opportunity knowing your purpose presents.

Tongue in cheek … it does not have to take a pandemic to realize your purpose.