Should They Stay or Should They Go ..

Thoughts on #school #reopening under COVID-19 #pandemic

If they go … There is every chance of them contracting and spreading the #COVID-19 … just as there is every chance of them being okay even having contracted the #virus because honestly, with about 99% recovery rate, mostly mild symptoms and younger people doing much better than older with morbidity, the odds really are in the kids’ favour. Consider that this virus will be with us for the best part of 2 further years with possible 2nd to 3rd surges and no guarantee of a #vaccine (an affordable vaccine) it is most likely that we all at some stage will be exposed and contract this novel #corona virus as we all do with milder flu annually.
If they stay … There is every chance that they will contract the virus while they engage in family or social activities. As #lockdown #restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to become economically active once more we as parents or care givers will become more exposed as will our kids become exposed therefore the risk factors remain.

If they go … Getting on with learning is as essential as good health practices. Having access to the resources provisioned to facilitate teaching and learning will revive a learning culture that may have gone cold with learning at home. It is as much a challenge for kids to have adapted to l.a.h as it is for parents and care givers to have been promoted to home school teachers, or home school educators if you like. Does it come with the parental package? Yes. Expected? No.
If they stay … Learning at home will only get tougher and could course strain for the home environment as kids’ and parents’ patience may run thin with each other or with the conditions and roles they have been subjected to. Delay in returning to school will mean lives delayed. How much delay are we comfortable with? 1 year or 2? If we take the decision to delay now, will they in future look back in appreciation or in resentment.

We need to be smarter in combating this pandemic. We also need to accept these realities we are confronted with, as harsh as it may appear. Let’s take every precaution possible, together towards ensuring a #sanitized and safe environment and #distancing practices for our kids in #schools because … if they go there will be trouble but if they stay it will be double.

#StaySafeStayHealthy #Overberg