What is Your Business Story

Getting into business is probably one of the craziest things to do. It is a commitment to uncertainty, because if it was a sure thing everyone would be doing it! Let’s put it this way: if it was such a sure thing funding would be more accessible with much less red tape because it is a SURE THING!!! Sadly this is not the reality. What may appear as viable and lucrative has risk and stress we could certainly do without.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought billion dollar industries to its knees and forced countless  SME’s out of business. Countries across the world have recorded millions in job losses as livelihoods are left in dust. Well, we can attribute much towards poor governance and nonsensical regulations such as the alcohol and tobacco bans here in South Africa. But let’s not forget the billions looted in State Capture which to be honest has seen little turnaround as the political connected continue to feast while the poor suffer on promises of relief that is just not forthcoming even months after negotiating intricate applications. The legit, poor and marginalized has to look on in anguish and dismay at brazen theft while they are expected to appreciate a new dawn.

Tough hey! But we do what we do firstly to make ends meet, because if your ends are not met, it pretty much is the end. Free has no return value and is counterproductive to purpose. Although we all like things to be done or given for free, there is little to no benefit to those we expect freebees from. Resources spent must be replenished in order to remain viable and it is quite disingenuous to enjoy the investment of others without due consideration of their purpose. If it makes us feel good to have a boast about a bargain, could we have a go at boasting about paying someone their worth? If boasting of that sort is not commendable, I will eat my mask!

While many may feel that the story of their business is the story of their lives, and many have made their life’s story their business, it is probable healthier to have separate books as failure or success in business does not qualify life status. As humans we are prone to failure but this does not mean that when we have failed at a task we have failed at life, regardless of achievement. Find value in value. So you are a crazy person, but your value contribution fills voids, employs, educates, inspires and completes the crazy network of associates which is our OVERBERG COMMUNITY.

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