Our education management service responds to the variable challenges young prospective students from the Overberg are confronted with. Our business strategy is designed to assist prospective students coveting enrollment in underrate programmes at a South African universities or universities of technology during the various stages from application to enrolment.

Support is tailored to each individual candidates’ needs at no cost to the candidate.

We will be visiting communities through-out the Overberg soon, so keep watching this space for dates when we will be near you. For now, send us an about you to admin@overbergonline.co.za as we would like to add you to our database.

Prioritizing access and support for students from the Overberg

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A quote by Brain Herbert: “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

The above quote encapsulates our mission. Though the author may be referring to cognitive capacity, we view capacity in the context of socio-economic factors impacting access to not only quality, but desired education. An overwhelming majority of young people from the Overberg do not have the luxury of pursuing their preferred career because neither they or their parents have the financial means to support such endeavors. The national intervention for student support is not only competitive but also congested leaving many uncertain as to how they will be able to achieve their academic and career aspirations with confidence and timeously. Our aim is to sought the means towards generating sufficient capacity to gift deserving candidates the financial support they require to obtain their desired qualification.

Learning ability has to be nurtured. The emphasis may not necessarily be on the learning itself, but on how learning is achieved. Learning skills are essential towards academic success and the sooner acquired the greater the probability of successful and timeous completion.

There are many factors impacting study or career choice. We are committed to facilitating the mitigation of those factors that deny learners of their choice to free their willingness to enact on their dreams and aspersions.

To achieve this as a registered South African business enterprise, we will engage both the local and national private and public sectors towards finding optimum solutions for the needs of our Overberg students. We invite in particular Overberg local professionals who which to make a content contribution towards promoting the value of education and a professional career to do so by emailing us at admin@rcprojectservices.co.za.

So it has been tough and there is still so much uncertainty about how the 2020 academic year will pan out … but this is no time to let up. Keep knuckling down and engage the resources available … there are countless online on university websites, departments of basic and higher education, just keep looking and adopt what works for in order to deliver your best … because your best matters! Results are what gives you entry into your desired education stream.   Results are what will put your bursary application top of the pile. Don’t underestimate the persuasion of results. Don’t undervalue your effort, keep doing your best even during these uncertain times marred by a global pandemic. In life we sometimes have to roll with the punches, but we also have to keep punching back and there is no better way than punching back with your readiness; Ready for what? Ready for your next step towards your personal and professional development; #Readyforyourfuture …


Many academic institutions have opened up their applications for next year … yes, 2021!!! Have you applied?